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International Online Shopping

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Our Service Includes

  • US address for online shopping or receiving packages from loved ones
  • Receiving your items in the US address
  • Liability once we confirm your items have reached our US address, we are liable against theft for up to 100 USD per tracking number upon seeing your receipt. 
  • Repackaging to save up on volume and weight and minimize charges
  • Shipping from US to Zambia
  • Clearance & Delivery to our office in Lusaka where it will be picked up by you.

Buy2Africa Rates

Service Fees

For General Goods

From the USA
7.5$ per each 0.5 KG according to the higher between actual weight or volumetric weight We charge by units of 0.5 KG and round up to the nearest KG.
Handling fee is 5.5$  per each tracking number that arrives to our warehouse.

We charge separately for each tracking number.
We charge by units of 0.5 KG and round up to the nearest KG.
* Minimum shipping weight charge is 0.5 KG.
Please check the Volumetric weight using this tool:

For Electronic Devices - Flat Rates Apply

Watch/Smartwatch: 15 / 30 USD
Headphone/Headsets BT : 15 / 30 USD
Smartphone: 55 USD
Tablet: 55 USD
Laptop / Camera: 100 USD
Gaming Console / TV box: 100 UDS
TV Stick - 15 USD
Projector - 85 USD
Battery : 15 USD
Jewelry - Min 30 USD
External Hard drive - 30 USD
BT Speaker - 25$ 

*Prices may vary without prior notice

Additional Services and Fees


Insurance on items valued more than 100 USD:
7% of the item’s value
Our regular service fee includes liability for up to 100 USD, against theft, for any tracking number that was confirmed to have reached our US address, upon showing its receipt of purchase.
If you are planning on shipping an item which is valued more than 100 USD and you would like to insure it for damage and theft, we will charge 7% of the value you would like to insure.
For instance, if you would like to insure a camera valued 1,000 USD, it will cost you 7% of 1,000 USD, which is a total of 70 USD.
That amount must be paid prior to shipment from the USA to ZM.

Storage fees

Storage fees in Lusaka will be charged starting 21 days after the invoice/pick up notice has been sent to your email. 0.25 $ KG. per day

Purchasing Fees

15 USD per store + 3% of the items value

Don't have a credit card / Don't know how to buy on-line? Would you like us to purchase for you?
If you need our help with online purchasing, we can offer you a comprehensive solution.
We will purchase for you, pay online, ship it, and deliver the package.
To get a comprehensive quote for an item please fill up the form in the following link:

Shipping Dangerous Goods

If your items can be mistaken, perceived, or can be related to dangerous goods please provide us with the MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet) to have them validated and authorized by us. After you provide us with an MSDS we will check and confirm whether we are able to send your item as a regular generic cargo or if your item has been classified as a Dangerous Good. If so, we will still be able to ship your item but that may incur extra charges and may prolong delivery time. Read More here -

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Avoid Dangerous Goods

Please always declare the description of your items and provide MSDS for items that can be mistaken, perceived, or can be related to Dangerous Goods to have them validated and authorized by us.

We aim to deliver all your shipments in the quickest way possible – your accurate declarations will play a significant part to speed up delivery and prevent delays in shipments due to security.

Read More here –


From the USA, Food items are not allowed to be shipped.