Use of B2A Website

1. Viruses and Malware

  • We have precautions put in place to ensure there will be no virus, malware, Trojan, etc. will infect our website and services. However, if a situation like this occurs, we will promptly notify you via social media channels and email and deal with the situation immediately. We are not responsible for any damage any malware may have done to your devices.

2. Item Value, Declarations and Export Compliance

  • It will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product price is accurately reflected in the invoice that will be submitted for international customs clearing. It is mutually agreed that the customer has the ability to modify the value of the product. The purpose of this feature is to accurately reflect the value of the product that the customer purchased, as some purchase will be of used products.

  • If customers will be shipping products through the U.S. Postal Office they will be required to fill out the USPS 1583 form. B2A will keep forms on file for at least five (5) years, or until it is required to obtain new forms from customers.

  • B2A is responsible for and warrants its compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, the export laws and government regulations of any country to, from, through or over which the customer’s shipment will be carried.

  • The customer agrees that they will provide all information necessary to complete any documentation necessary to comply with any applicable laws, rules and/or regulations, in every transaction generated by the customer or B2A.

  • For shipments over $2,500 an EEI will be required to be prepared, and the customer will be charged $15 per EEI prepared.

3.  Consolidation and Repackaging

Consolidation is the process of receiving packages from multiple retailers, and upon customer request, taking original products (in their original packaging), out of the shipping packaging. Discarding the shipping packaging and placing all items together in a new, larger box, that fits all products, adding packaging material, sealing and readying for shipment.


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